Pimp ur Blog Episode Three: Working with Amazon and Google
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Episode Three, which is open to multiple co-authors, starts with how to access the information that Google Webmaster Tools stores for every blog. It shares the details of tests with Google AdWords, and briefly reviews what effect the recent changes within Google have had when they filter down to our blogs’ Google search results. It continues with the author’s experiences in working with Amazon.

Pimp ur Blog Episode Two: Increase Search Results with Articles and Feeds

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Paul Rice and Messie Jessie continue to demonstrate powerful techniques in business attorney lawyer commercial solicitors the second eBook of the Pimp ur Blog series. In this hour-long read, they show the methods that have helped their blogs and eBooks gain and maintain a position in Google’s search results.

The authors start Episode Two with a discussion of some aspects of engaging their audience. They then cover technical details of the software they use, such as the Secondary Submissions and Article Submissions features, which offer jumps in capabilities for readers to locate the authors’ work and connect with the readers’ interests.

One of the highlights of Part 1 – Finding and Engaging Our Audience is the RSS Feeds topic, where the authors explore how the interactions of blog technologies and social media produce Google search results! Episode Two concludes with information on how the authors’ approach of dividing Episode One into a series of blog posts has benefited from these powerful techniques.

Pimp ur Blog Episode One: Boost Search Results With Social Bookmarking, Messie Jessie, Paul Rice, eBooks, Blogs, Blogging, Blog

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In Pimp ur Blog Episode One: Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking Paul Rice and debut author Messie Jessie describe what they have done with respect to social bookmarking to gain and maintain a position in Google’s search results. Subsequent Pimp ur Blog episodes will cover other aspects of their efforts to engage the audiences of their blogs and eBooks.

After an Introduction, the eBook geeks out with Technical Details on the use of specialized software. The eBook’s most amazing part is the third section, a Case Study of how just one blog post, when run through the Pimp ur Blog process, can have a multiplier effect in Google’s search results. A fourth section on Measurements follows, and then a Best Practices topic wraps up the eBook with tips on how the authors use social bookmarking to gain a wider audience for their blogs through Google.

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Ms. Messie Jessie writes engaging and humorous articles on topics such as science, relationships, and navigating the pratfalls of life. Mr. Rice is also a writer on stress, its effects, and its underlying causes.